Kinley takes pride in all of our employees from the field into the office. Our family-oriented atmosphere continues to be the heart of the company bringing safety and security to the work environment. Our team is full of dedicated leaders that have unparalleled expertise and experience, making it an everyday goal to continue to look for innovation and growth to assure clients the best quality service they deserve.

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JL Kinley - Kinley Corp
JL Kinley
Chairman of the Board
Jimmy Kinley The CEO - Kinley Corp
Jimmy Kinley
Chief Executive Officer
Charlene Rhodes - Kinley Corporation
Charlene Rhodes
Accounting Manager
Mike Giardini - Kinley Corp
Mike Giardini
Chief Operating Officer
Don Wilcox - Kinley Corp
Don Wilcox
Vice President of Operations
Ben Heckathorn - Kinley Corp
Ben Heckathorn
Senior Project Manager
Robert Mohr - Kinley Corp
Robert Mohr
Chief Financial Officer