Kinley Has Been a Trusted Name for Over 125 Years

Dating back six generations, Kinley is a family-owned business with roots in Western New York. The company started as Kinley & Sons on March 30, 1895 as a family-owned leather tannery. The business evolved over time to include timber (still harvested by the family today), oil and gas, and, ultimately, industrial and commercial construction.

Kinley Contractors is a general contractor construction company which started in Olean, New York and expanded across the United States and Canada. J.L. Kinley’s son, Jimmy Kinley, is the current CEO and sixth-generation Kinley family member to lead the Kinley-owned companies.

  • Year Established: 1895
  • Completed contracts throughout the U.S.: Over 1.5 billion
  • Years in business: Over 125
  • Years of average employment: 15


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Adam started Kinley & Sons, a leather tannery, in 1895. Tree bark improved leather’s durability so Kinley bought land, harvested timber (family still harvests this land today) and struck oil.

Adam Kinley: 1824-1913

William Kinley took over the timber business for Adam Kinley and began Kinley Oil & Gas.

William Kinley: 1863-1919

Lewis continued the Timber and Oil & Gas business for Kinley.

Lewis Kinley: 1889-1968

Jim continued the Timber and Oil & Gas business and expanded into banking and other investments.

Jim Kinley:1927-2015

J.L. continued the business in Timber, Oil & Gas, and investments. Expanding the business into the industrial construction industry, specifically as it relates to fueling infrastructure.

JL Kinley:1954–Present

Following J.L., Jimmy is currently CEO of the parent company, leading all current operations as well as looking for new opportunities to expand and grow the business.

Jimmy Kinley: 1987–Present


At Kinley Contractors, we are dedicated to providing our customers with top-rated customer service from start to finish and quality craftsmanship on each and every project.