Insulated Concrete Forms can achieve 30-70% energy savings, which is not only better for the environment but the building owner is able to save on energy bills. These forms improve interior air quality by reducing outside air infiltration. Owners of ICF buildings appreciate their disaster resistant strong walls for safety, mold, rot, and insect resistance and sound blocking ability.

ICF’s are blocks of hollow foam which are stacked to form structural walls for projects. They are reinforced with steel rebar and filled with concrete. This makes for high strength and fire resistance, creating superior resistance for both natural and man-made disasters. ICFs can be used to construct nearly any project by filling the form with concrete then brick, stucco, or even any siding depending on the client’s choice of material.

Electric and plumbing can be run through the form after the concrete has been poured into the form. On the interior, the ICF is typically covered by plaster, drywall, or stucco and fashioned with trim and other finishes. Insulated concrete forms don’t change the look to the structure of your project. They have revolutionized the construction industry with their strength and resilience, indoor comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability. Kinley has vast experience in ICF construction and has been recognized nationally by receiving the 2020 ICF Builders Award for one of our projects.