JL Kinley - Kinley Corp

JL Kinley

Chairman of the Board


J.L. has lived and breathed all things construction and family business his entire life. 40 years ago, he made an unprecedented to take a family operation deeply rooted in Western State NY to expand operations into an untapped niche industry in Texas. He identified fueling construction as having great potential across the United States, and his instincts were spot on. In the decades following, he navigated through nearly every economic obstacle and built the division into the company it is today. He is a visionary who has built teams of talented employees that tenure the lifespan of the company, some having been with Kinley for over 40 years! Most importantly, he instilled an impenetrable family culture of putting people first, working hard without cutting corners, and doing the right thing, always – all while having a little bit of fun along the way. As the Chairman of Kinley, J.L. will bring his unique and invaluable ability to propel a family-first culture while advising the leadership team on high-level decisions regarding strategy, operations, and people.

Name JL Kinley